Steve Small’s New Book Now Available
by Stephen J. Small, Esq.   8.29.13

Steve Small’s New Book Now Available

Boston, September 3, 2013

“The business of open space has been fueled by philanthropy and government money. It is time to move beyond that,” says Stephen J. Small, in his new book, The Business of Open Space: What’s Next?? “Historically, land has been valued by how much development it could support,” Steve says. “We need to learn to value land in new and dynamic ways.”

More than 150,000 copies of Steve’s Preserving Family Lands series of books are in circulation. Those books are a primer on private land protection and conservation easements for landowners, advisors, and conservation organizations. “This book is very different,” Steve says.

In this exciting and challenging new book, Steve lays out an agenda to expand the business of saving open space. He advocates the creation of new marketplaces that set values on “environmental commodities,” reaching out to “non-traditional” landowners, such as corporations, educational institutions, and government agencies, creating new pools of money, and “leveraging acquisition dollars.”

Mr. Small also reminds readers that 2013 may be the last year landowners can take advantage of the enhanced conservation easement tax deduction, and provides tax calculations to illustrate the current rules.

To date, Mr. Small has been involved in the protection of more than 1.5 million acres of land across the United States. “Much land has been saved; much more remains to be protected,” he notes.

If you care about moving the “business” of open space forward over the next decade, you can’t just read this book – you need to read this book and then act on this important agenda.

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